Testimonials and Results

François has been my coach for over a year. Even though I had been racing long-distance tris for four years before—and had used other coaches—his guidance has helped me improve significantly, shaving 30 minutes to my stand-alone marathon time (to sub-3h) and over one hour to my Ironman time (to 10h15). His analytical approach works for me; e is also very responsive, adapting the program whenever needed. I highly recommend him. -- Arnaud, Houston, TX.

After working for less than a year with François, I managed not only to break all my goals for the season, but I managed to set a PR in all the races that I did. I am not going to lie, most (ALL) of his workouts hurt but they all have a specific reason, and more importantly, they get reflected with results (fast results). In conclusion, I'll continue training with him, and l'd be happy to recommend him to anyone. -- Tona, Cedar Rapids, IA.