Triathlon Training Plans

Option 1. You are a rather independent athlete, and just need the content of the training plan that you can arrange according to your schedule. These plans are available for the beginner, intermediate and advanced athletes, and are geared towards various events and distances, from a 5km road race, to a full Ironman. It is better suited for athletes who do not want nor need the extensive feedback, fine-tuning, and communication that a coach can provide. 

Option 2. You want an entirely personalized training plan, based on your unique background in athletic events, your work and family schedule, your racing season, short term and long term goals. You want regular feedback, discussion of strengths and weaknesses, goal setting, race scheduling, etc. based on sound scientific principles of exercise science and exercise physiology.

Option 3. You want to take it to the next level, including power file analysis, technique evaluation, performance management chart, bike fit. Basically, you want to be as fast as you can be!


Contact me directly to discuss the options, and evaluate what may be optimal for you.