Fran├žois was born and raised in Paris (France, not Texas). After getting a doctoral degree in computer science/math, he moved to Australia for a few years, before moving to El Paso in 2001. He works as a health/bioinformatician on a bunch of super nerdy stuff related to obesity, cancer, and more generally, medicine and health.

Because of his scientific background, and nearly 20 years of triathlon, and endurance sports, he was always interested in exercise science and athletic performance. So it was quite natural that he started coaching back in 1997. He is dedicated to providing quality coaching with a solid scientific basis, proper periodization, technique analysis, bike fit and aerodynamics, and power analysis, for those training/racing with powermeters. However, he is a strong believer in training and racing by perceived exertion, and strongly encourages his athletes to not get trapped in numbers.

He has coached a wide range of athletes, from beginners doing their first sprint triathlon, to accomplished Ironman athletes, as well as cyclists and runners. He is also interested in the educational component of coaching (why do you do a specific session), as well as communicating his passion for endurance sports, and outdoor activities. Other interests include being goofy, laughing, eating (a lot) and enjoying life with his family.

You can read more on his blog: www.elpasotricoaching.wordpress.com